The Lineapiù Knit Art Collection for Spring/Summer 2020

The atmosphere of natural materials is told through a special focus on compositions: recycled and natural fibers of organic cotton, linen, hemp, and bamboo viscose construct yarns with textured structures made up by small and slight imperfections. The fresh spring breeze titillates fibers and has fun creating natural movements on surfaces. Thus, they shyly fold back on themselves, creating slightly confusing entanglements, and they unravel with irony, throwing the construction into disorder.  

Cotton perfectly designs binary yarns and tapes, is fully colored by strong dyes, and blends with genuine chiné-effect linen, allowing itself to be lit up by metalized fibers in order to create the magical starry skies of summer nights.

At the same time, summer is also POP, it is painted with lively colors and sparkling constructions. Vacations describe a casual look made up by prints, shades, color blocks and strong graphics. All the colors of the summer can be found in one collection. Tones that blend together on technical paddings with puffy volumes. Shapes are comfortable, rounded, and seem to inflate on skin, as if they were experimenting with foam. Twine and fluttering colored fringes, perfectly simple and textured tapes, binary and spiral ribbons, in solid colors or multicolored, shaded or spotted with color, in stripes or degradé; each one has its very own character and is ready to satisfy an extensive range of tastes for all kinds of workmanship: knitting, crochet hook, or hand weaving, the gauges of these yarns satisfy every kind of project. Glossy viscose together with silk fill the collection with a sense of romanticism and elegance. Linen is presented in bold colors for a rustic/technical contrast that is genuinely original. Metallic fiber and polyester embroider surfaces like bright overlays of pearls or minerals.  

Colors are explosive, energetic, and playful, as well as brazen and so bright they become dayglow. Some delicate pastel tones like pink and beige lighten the entire palette. Yellows are acid-toned, but also orangish, until they become tobacco and earth brown. Pinks soften red tones. Sky blue nuances darken into electric blue and dark midnight blue.

The collection highlights:

TUNNEL: an especially disheveled look where cotton appears to be entangled in gauze. The result is genuinely natural, calling to mind marine vegetation on sand dunes. 

TRIBÙ: small fringes of cotton and viscose. The clear base exalts the design that seems to be sketched with Indian ink.

AMNESIA: spiral wound by the eclectic contrast of fibers and colors. Natural linen is dyed with daring tones. The contrast is unique.  

MAGNUM: a padding that is so over-the-top, it almost resembles inflatables on the beach. 

ANDROID: a camouflage of eye-catching and dazzling colors. An unusual dégradé print is interrupted by touches of dayglow color that shine on knitwear for a decidedly eccentric look. 

MAGNETE: tape spotted with dark colors takes on a natural and slightly wild look similar to the earth encrusted with minerals. The surface is sparkling and decorative.