The Lineapiù Knit Art Collection for Fall-Winter 2018

The Lineapiù Knit Art collection for fall-winter 2018/2019, that will be presented at the 81st edition of Pitti Filati, was painted against two backgrounds: NATURE and the CITY.  Rich, in the choice of fibers and structures, and with its intense colors, this collection is inspired by landscapes that depict nature’s marvelous imperfections when tousled by wind, upset by storms, wetted by rain and crystallized by frost.

The surfaces are uneven and fanciful, or simpler but rendered interesting by plays of textures. 

Tufts of autumn flowers suggest multicolor bouclé, trees and trunks are the inspiration for simpler twists; ice covered branches create knots and clumps of fiber.

The fur effect moves away from the long, cut look and is interpreted by gauzed yarns of varying lengths and intensities that may be crumpled or in tufts.

The city reveals its infinite facets by day and by night: multicolored surfaces seem to chase each other in the frenzy of daily life, spurts of color overlap and combine.

It’s an industrial vision of areas throbbing with work that inspire the fine tweeds, felted yarns and more austere surfaces. Mist and smog are called up by light gauzes, free and tousled wool fibers, nuances highlighted by carefully selected colors.

And then there is young, sparkling, vigorous street art – colorful graffiti and murals, spray paints and artistic stickers “stain” sumptuous mohair and alpaca intertwined with viscose and silk.

The city’s grand balls are filled with light and opulence: the fibers build yarns that look and feel like fluid velvets that seem to change color as they are moved.

Metallic lights glimmer discreetly, almost to the point of being embarrassed, as they peep out from between wool and alpaca fibers.

The colors for fall-winter 2018/19 also celebrate nature and the city with a very intense, bold, and flashy palette.

Bright colors provocatively light up  the deep, raw tones of autumn landscapes.

Rich greens and browns offer a sense of comfort and warmth.

Yellows, fuchsias, and reds become spicier, imbuing the season with youthful vitality. The classic colors become soft and misty, blurred by an almost-retro filter of calm sophistication.

The sporty urban palette is inspired by the city’s lights, signals, and skyscrapers, by scaffolding and store windows: very masculine flannel and asphalt grays, sporty reds and blues, feisty and cheerful oranges.

The collection’s highlights:

GERMOGLIO: an interesting mix of textures – bamboo viscose wrapped in wool that gives it a wintery hand.

REVIVAL: this yarn’s name points to its origins: recycled cotton – a fiber at the vanguard of sustainability with less environmental impact..

BLUSH: a light, soft, and airy soffilo yarn seems to be made of tufts of clouds that are tied together waiting to be spun.

MESSAGE: small, continuous and disorderly vrilé write a message on wool creating a lively contrast with the background colors.

OPERA: a very fine cut yarn that glimmers with motion, elegant and sumptuous with its light and as fluid as velvet.