La Fondazione Lineapiù

The Fondazione Lineapiù Italia promotes research, training and communications related to the cultural, artistic and historic heritage of the Italian sartorial and dressmaking arts, with particular emphasis on the materials used in clothing and accessories, and above all yarns.

Through a program of international cooperation with other agencies, private entities and institutions, the Foundation plans on doing research and cataloguing work, as well as conducting promotional efforts in the field of Italian and European fashions, viewing Fashion as a social, historical artistic, and aesthetic factor and as an identifying element.

Another of the Foundation's aims is to conduct research on materials, technologies and innovative industrial processes to make yarns for clothing and accessories that will safeguard the environment and protect human health in the pursuit of physical and mental wellness.

Educational and training activities play an important role among our goals. Our aim is to develop professionals and craftspeople dedicated to yarn manufacture. Hopefully, it will create important job opportunities for young people (especially in the areas that have been historically devoted to the textile crafts and manufacturing). And, in this way, it will be possible to reacquire and preserve the expertise that has been lost or is in danger of being extinguished due to globalization and technical-industrial advances over the past few decades.