Lineapiù Italia

Lineapiù was founded in 1975 at Capalle, near Florence (Italy). Thanks to the creative content and high quality of the collections, the fruit of our dedication to research and innovation, Lineapiù is recognized as the world’s leading manufacturer of yarns for the knitwear industry.

Lineapiù has, in fact, revolutionized the history of knitwear. In 1987 we created the first 100% viscose yarn, in 1990 we developed Relax, the yarn with carbon inside that offers protection against electromagnetic waves, and then, at the beginning of this century we introduced the air yarn, that is light and airy and hollow inside for maximum protection against temperature changes.

Ours is a history of Italian excellence: an approach, a method, creative and manufacturing skills that have changed the face of knitwear in Italy and around the world. Each yarn in each collection is developed with a specific goal in mind: yarns for lightweight knits, yarns for jackets, yarns for coats.
Ever since our first collections, we have presented each yarn with specific stitches which, like the yarns themselves make trends. One of our greatest strengths is that we have our own in-house laboratory where highly skilled professionals work on developing knit stitches.

Many of our yarns and the respective stitches – that we often create on an exclusive basis – are used by some of the world’s most prestigious labels.