Lineapiù Italia Presents a New Line of Regenerated Cashmere Yarns: Endless | Lineapiù Cachemire


The new Lineapiù Italia line of GRS (Global Recycled Standard) cashmere yarns speaks to infinity and the full circle.

Its name is Endless | Lineapiù Cachemire and it is the result of a most fruitful encounter between Lineapiù’s typical aesthetics and technical innovation brought about by research combined with the management of a responsible chain that sends fibres on to a new life and the beginning of a new story.
A new look at the most noble fibre of all to interpret the needs of now: a new era that is full-circle, ethical, sustainable and respectful of our planet.
Endless | Lineapiù Cachemire is continuity along an endless – infinite – line where the material is regenerated, retrieving what had been produced to give life to a new product.
Lineapiù Italia adds the ethical dimension to the technical and aesthetic qualities of cashmere offering the fashion world a range of high-quality regenerated yarns.
This new production model for an important market will make it possible to wear cashmere without impoverishing the environment since virgin cashmere, a noble material, comes with high environmental impact.


Lineapiù Italia’s recycled cashmere yarns are GRS-certified; this means that they meet the most important international standards for sustainable production of clothing and textiles made with recycled materials. Endless | Lineapù Cachemire is the fruit of technical research in the Lineapiù laboratories and the development of a new production chain for collecting, selecting, and treating the “secondary material”.
The new line features classic structures and a 35-color palette to tell a story of timeless elegance enriched with visions of style that are typical of the Lineapiù Italia spirit.

It is essential that each day the choices we make be evermore oriented towards responsible and aware development”, said Alessandro Bastagli, President of Lineapiù Italia who continued, “Endless | Lineapiù Cachemire is a tactical decision, a philosophy that is circular conceived to preserve the planet and lessen the environmental impact of textile manufacturing. The oldest method – retrieve, collect, reuse – is now the most advanced.



Cashmere is the most famous of all the noble fibres. It speaks to the ancient relationship between man and the domestic goat, Capra Hircus. It maintains the mystery and allure of distant lands – Mongolia, the Tibetan highlands and of the trade routes men followed since the beginnings of time. Cashmere is a fibre with a soft hand, eight times warmer than common wool; it is antistatic and hygroscopic, an excellent heat-regulator, beautiful to look at, and pleasant to the touch.



Photo credits: Davide Cetta