Progetto 62, a brand owned by Colombo Industrie Tessili, a historic company founded in 1962 in the province of Como, on the occasion of the new S/S 2022 collection, has tightened an important collaboration with Lineapiù Italia, a leading company in the production of yarns that with its creative and manufacturing abilities has changed the profile of knitwear itself, in Italy and abroad. Following an in-depth technical study, Progetto 62 has developed a series of items born from the weaving of Lineapiù yarns, capable of creating a perfect mix between yarn and fabric. The challenge that the talented designer of Progetto 62, Arman Avetikyan, wanted to take up was to enhance the qualities of the yarns, also inflecting them to the fabric, thanks to ad hoc patterns.


Artistic inspiration and technological innovation have accompanied the processing of the precious Lineapiù yarns: the combination of very refined two-tone floral jacquards that recall Art Deco with a certified Lurex yarn has given life to a high-end fabric while the introduction of Crilor, a semitransparent technical yarn that shrinks in contact with steam, has created a range of items with 3d effects and designs characterized by a depth that makes them almost sculpted. Surprising effects obtained from the mastery of Progetto 62 in the processing of raw materials that are also perfect for a series of items with geometric designs where a type of weaving has been studied in which you can see and feel the particularity of knitting yarns, of cotton and viscose also FSC certified. Finally, there was no shortage of creating a series of chunky yarn items, quite unusual in weaving, but thanks to the study conducted by the company on the pattern and type of processing it has been possible to obtain a unique product.


"It has been a long process but we are very satisfied with the result - comments Arman Avetikyan designer of Progetto 62 - The study conducted on the yarns has led us to create fabrics that reflect the DNA of the yarns themselves. This collaboration is also very important as it offers a new service to customers who can immediately find both knit and fabric with the same yarn. Generally, in fact, when the style office has to develop a fabric, it must first find the yarn, then make the sweater and finally develop a fabric that resembles that knit and yarn."


The satisfaction for this collaboration is also shared by Lineapiù Italia through the words of Alessandro Bastagli, president of the Florentine yarn company: "We started this collaboration because we share the founding values ​​on which Progetto 62 is based: creativity, innovation, sustainability. From the sharing of their respective technical and production know-how, a surprising result was born: a completely new range of refined fabrics, as well as 100% Made in Italy".


Photo credits: Giulia Virgara