Pitti Filati 81- Fundamentals: The Origins of Quality

Lineapiù Italia goes in search of the fundamental elements of knits, to discover the essence of yarns, using technology to conserve and enhance the secrets of nature

Lineapiù Italia has dedicated its research for F/W 2018-19 to four fundamental elements.

Four precious fibers, four different stories having in common a single objective, the unceasing pursuit of excellence.

Noble fibers, tracked back to their purest form and rediscovered in the rarest, finest thicknesses offered by nature. Fibers that are also the histories of peoples, stories of magical, evocative places that recount relationships between man and nature, herding and age-old textile traditions.  

South-African Mohair 24 micron, Baby Alpaca, 20/21 micron, found only in the highlands of Peru, Baby Camel, 17 micron from the Mongolian highlands of central Asia, and Baby Yak, 20 micron raised in the sacred mountains of Tibet.

A selection of fibers with exceptional properties, chosen to obtain yarns with superior characteristics.

Fruits of knowledgeable application of technology and manufacturing processes intended to conserve and exalt the natural properties of each material, respecting its history and identity.

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January 24th - 26th 2018
Fortezza da Basso, Florence