Lineapiù Italia explores a new aesthetic reality, launching its brand new photosensitive yarn 

Innovation and research mark the beginning of a new frontier for yarns capable of interacting with sunlight, achieving an unprecedented richness in nuances and shades.

Lumen is the name of the new photosensitive yarn presented by Lineapiù Italia over the course of the 82nd edition of Pitti Filati - from 24 to 26 January at the Fortezza da Basso in Florence.

The photosensitive pigments used to coat the cotton ribbon are seemingly transparent under normal artificial light and are activated only when the yarn is exposed to direct sources of ultraviolet rays, in what is a rich and original transformation of the yarn’s chromatic hues. “Continuous coating” is the name of the technological process that allows these photosensitive pigments to be applied to the yarn.

The result is iridescent yarn, capable of changing color through variations in intensity and persistence, while acquiring new nuances that introduce tones, which are first warmer and then cooler, in accordance with the intensity of the natural light illuminating the surface. The speed with which the iridescence changes is directly correlated to the intensity of the light source. Once it has returned to “the shade”, the yarn gradually regains its initial appearance and original color.

In the absence of sunlight, the pigments can also be activated through special wood lamps capable of emitting light in a UV frequency.

With the increasingly fast pace of innovation and research, Lineapiù once again commits itself to strengthening fashion’s evolution by experimenting with techniques and new materials.

An innovation that will allow the world of fashion to explore new possibilities, by introducing an unprecedented range of chromatic plays directly tied into the constant changes in natural light. 


Next edition - PITTI FILATI 83

June 27th - 29th 2018
Fortezza da Basso, Florence