is the winner of the Third

Edition of Talents Lineapiù 

Following a rigorous selection process, the final competition stage included designers from all over the world, among which Arman emerged as the winner, having reached the highest number of votes by the Member of the Scientific Committee. 

Arman Avetikyan was born in Armenia in 1989. At the age of eight he moved to Russia where he studied  architecture and then graduated in Fashion Design at Moscow State University of Design and Technology. After a year of modeling he started working in a knitwear factory.

Thanks to his passion for knitwear, in 2009 he designed his first collection for Froy brand: a line of knitted garments characterized by a peculiar visual identity, a mix between the traditional Russian symbolism and the innovation of contemporary trends. Working exclusively with textile fibers coming from Italy, Froy makes itself known for the original combination of high quality, great comfort and strong recognition. 

In 2014 the designer moved to Italy where he continued his studies at the Politecnico of Milan, graduating in knitwear design and devoting himself to developing his brand.

The collaboration with Lineapiù Italia will begin with a research session at the Historical Archive, to select the yarns to create of the samples for the first of the six collections foreseen by the support program.