The Lineapiù Knit Art Collection for Spring/Summer 2021

On the occasion of Pitti Filati, Lineapiù Knit Art presents the collection of hand knitting yarns for the 2021 spring-summer season.

The “naturals” trend is a genuine emotion-packed and very tactile story of rusticity and attention to materials.
It is a tale of unruly naturals. The structures are so expressive that they seem like branches and leaves woven together forming equatorial flora.
The surfaces are grainy, the hands dry and the structures are textured and disorderly.
Linen, bamboo and cotton construct “supercharged” fantasy, uncombed natural[AB1] , uneven gimped as well as light brushed yarns. Sometimes these unusual combinations are encrusted with metallic filaments creating a very ornate look.

The season is also a festival of colors. The graphic look – in both the structure of the yarns and the colors - is exciting.
Surfaces are neatly planned, round and clean for the super-lightweight padded yarns or studded with micro-patterns and multicolor knubs.
The colors of the prints, brushstrokes or sprays are lavish and amusing. The carefully chosen fibers play with the colors is a fresh and fun-filled summer tale.

Cotton is warmed by alpaca and together they make knits that are as light and fluffy as clouds and soft on the skin to warm cool springtime nights.

Viscose and silk is the ideal blend for comfortable, elegant and sophisticated evenings.

Tie-dyeing is one of the coolest trends for summer. Surfaces are decorated with “splotches”, délavé nuances created by washes for an almost switched look. Tie-dyed fantasies take the field on over-the-top padded yarns, on finer gauges and on tousled cotton bouclés.

The season’s color palette is exceptionally broad and edgy. It opens with delicate shades of powder pink and naturals, gets bolder in the sometimes dusty light blues, wisteria and greens to explode in reds, pinks, fuchsia, bright blues and yellows that are all sparkling and witty.

The collection:

TROPICAL: like tropical plants, this yarn resembles a tangle of colorful leaves, flowers and twigs. Cotton winds around linen and bamboo sculpting the surface.   
SPRITZ: witty and amusing, colored micro-knubs of printed cotton are scattered on this gimped viscose like confetti.
MAGNUM PAINT-MAGNUM SPRAY: over-the-top and trendy, this maxi-padded yarn is enhanced by a multicolor tie-dyed and spray print.
ROCHER: 100% organic cotton, this is a textured yarn with a crêpe hand that is grainy to the touch.
REPORT: the naturalness of linen plus the bright tones of bamboo viscose make this gimped yarn truly unique.
LABYRINTH: a cotton chain is like a series of colors that crisscross with each other like the paths in a maze.