2021-2022 Fall/Winter collections

At a time when resiliency is a shared and necessary value, Lineapiù Italia is dedicating the new collection of yarns for the 2021-2022 Fall/Winter season to the aesthetics of an eternal present.
The yarns interpret these changing times, pay tribute to a more aware and sustainable mindset in which aesthetics shift away from the ephemeral to become more reassuring, embracing and purifying.

The new collections are an accurate interpretation of the spirit of the time. Once again, colour is a vital component with emphasis on soft and solid colours in new textures for “universal” knits for all seasons.
Moderation and function led to the choice of using natural plant fibres such as cotton together with animal fibres – wool, yak, and mohair to create essential and contemporary yarns.
The few colours used mainly as solids convey feelings of intimacy, lasting lightness and reassuring protection in a total 24/7 look in knitwear that is right at any latitude.

In the 2021-22 Fall/Winter collection white speaks in the imperative mode flanked by neutral icy shades. The colour palette sends a message of strength, reassurance and respect,  creating a time and a place to fill with ideas, thoughts and stories.
The themes of resiliency and the “eternal now” is embodied in yarns like Nadir, a brushed cotton and yak combination that creates a medium weight for new-generation fleeces with animalier hands and colour mélanges.
Moby is a maxi hollow yarn with a minimalist look for soft, bulky and lightweight knits that convey a sense of sweetness combined with the comfort of down.
The new, compact and essential brushed wool felted yarns seem to have been dipped into the mist. Dalmata is a knobbed yarn for knits with a three-dimensional surface that calls up soft, snow-covered landscapes.
Sartorial looks to meet the challenges of modern life are created with alpaca yarns in a range of vibrant and luminous colours inspired by the 1970s. Among these are Amelia Mélange, a thin, brushed and feathered baby alpaca yarn with soft mélange nuances.
Spotted mohair fur yarns with tufts that look wild or resemble ostrich features are a sustainable, luxurious, and highly creative hymn to nature.

The colours of the Filclass collection for 2021-2022 Fall/Winter are inspired by autumn landscapes with lively reflections emerging from the warm tones of the forest floor and thick vegetation. Flora and fauna – in other words, animal and plant fibres get together in Storm, a slubbed cotton and alpaca yarn and Oceania a linen-enriched bulky wool candlewick yarn.
Recycled polyester and cotton are mixed with animal fibres in organic camouflage motifs and multicolour nuances for yarns that interpret an urban nature look.
Delicate mohair lace yarns, wool and lurex, create a concept of exuberant elegance. Black and midnight blue alongside shades of pink and purple are emblematic of a desire to get away to a fantasy world suspended between past and present, the real and the imaginary, opulence and irony. 

Photo credit: Giulia Virgara