In the Spring / Summer 2022 collection of Lineapiù Italia there is a senso of "lightness"

The sense of lightness from the new Spring / Summer 2022 collection responds to a desire for imagination, joy and optimism. Color becomes a key tool for energizing textures, stimulating souls and restoring positivity. A vital impulse that invites you to leave your comfort zone: the new Lineapiù Italia proposals represent a hymn to rebirth, a return to nature and an ancient lightness.

The search for comfort and practicality accompanies the trend towards versatile and functional knitwear, made with soft yarns that offer a sweet refuge: visual, physical and emotional. Cotton is combined with animal fibers, such as mohair, becoming the emblem of a lifestyle in continuous transition between seasons, work, leisure, rest and travel. A contemporary reinterpretation of classic workmanship - such as aran, rib and English knit - gives the workmanship a sense of reassuring familiarity, without sacrificing a glamorous and fashionable aesthetic.

Linen voiles, plain or printed with a shibori effect, represent the new basics for sweaters with a minimal chic look. Eri silk, with its red lines, shapes a shantung yarn moved by vegetal irregularities and precious flames. Weaves such as rattan and macramé, made with flat-structured linen yarns, create sweaters with rhythmic graphic motifs that enhance the natural textures. Summer textures characterized by patchwork and "handmade" processes celebrate freedom of expression, creativity and optimism.

In the Filclass Spring / Summer 2022 proposal, the colors are inspired by the sea and its elements. Fresh and light gauze mottled with linen and organic cotton evoke the expanses of sand and golden dunes in Masala and Yogi yarns, while in Olimpo, Groove and Paros chains and rope-effect constructions recall fishermen's nets. The matte pastel colors create a chalky patina on the surfaces, producing a calming and relaxing effect. The Tokyo, Dada and Marvel yarns speak of a domestic romanticism, of the rediscovery of an old trunk overflowing with lace, found by chance in the attic. The playful aspect of this collection is instead found in the Gin and Diana yarns, light viscose with a fluid and shiny surface inspired by the magic of a funfair on Coney Island and the wonder of a majestic ferris wheel in motion.

Photo credits: Giulia Virgara